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Our project comprises running a series of facilitated outreach focus groups/ networking events in order to obtain the views of both the young people and older people living in areas in our borough where regeneration has been delivered. The focus groups will involve a social activity element in order to encourage participation, whilst also promoting social and cultural networks to grow. The aim is to evaluate the extent local regeneration has included the target groups in the shaping of the plans, the extent to which they have felt increased empowerment and to measure their sense of community stability and security. Volunteers and participants will also be used to support the programme, for young people it will be to give them some transferable skills in communication, team work, presentational skills, research, volunteering and experience of intergenerational work. For older people it will support them to socialise, utilise existing skills, contribute views, network with others and to be/feel less socially isolated by participating in the project.
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